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Asian Politics & Policy, vol. 10, n° 2, 2018

Asian Politics & Policy, vol. 10, n° 2, 2018

Special issue on the South China Sea Arbitral Award

Table of contents

Guest editor’s introduction

  • The South China Sea Arbitral Award: Evolving Post‐Arbitration Strategies, Implications and Challenges by Lowell Bautista

Original articles

  • ASEAN, the “South China Sea” Arbitral Award, and the Code of Conduct: New Challenges, New Approaches by Christopher B. Roberts
  • The South China Sea Arbitration: A Test for the Efficacy of Compulsory Mechanism of UNCLOS and Implications for Dispute Management in the Region by Nong Hong
  • Post‐SCS Arbitration Developments and Issues on Freedom of Navigation, Rights of Coastal States, and Environmental Protection in the “Area” by Lay Yong Mok, Amy Sheau Ye Aai, Sumathy Permal
  • The Philippines: Hedging in a Post‐Arbitration South China Sea? by Mary Fides A. Quintos
  • Mare Liberum: Aquino, Duterte, and The Philippines’ Evolving Lawfare Strategy in the South China Sea by Richard Javad Heydarian
  • Abandoned at Sea: The Tribunal Ruling and Indonesia’s Missing Archipelagic Foreign Policy by Evan A. Laksmana, Ristian A. Supriyanto
  • Sino‐Philippine Joint Development in the South China Sea: Is Political Will Enough? by Carlos Santamaria
  • Certain Historical Evidence (and Their Implications) Overlooked by the Arbitral Tribunal of the South China Sea Arbitration: Application of Article 121(3) on Spratly Islands by Tiff Yu-Ting Bowes-Lin

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