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Indonesian Textiles at The Tropen Museum

Book Launch : Indonesian Textiles at The Tropen Museum, 13/10/2017, Tropenmuseum Studio

The Tropenmuseum Amsterdam cares for an internationally renowned collection of textiles from Indonesia. Numbering approximately 12,000 objects the majority of these textiles were acquired during the period that Indonesia was a Dutch colony, the former Netherlands East Indies. These textiles originate from all over the archipelago, from Aceh on Sumatra, to Tanimbar in the east. A small part of the collection was even made in the Netherlands for artistic or commercial reasons.

Indonesian Textiles at the Tropenmuseum explores this collection within a broader framework of Dutch colonial and scientific history. It examines the stories of those who made and used them, those who collected and brought them to the Netherlands, as well as those who have studied and exhibited them.

About the author
Itie van Hout is former Curator of Textiles of the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, and is now retired. She is the author of Batik Drawn in Wax: 200 Years of Batik Art from Indonesia in the Tropenmuseum Collection (2001) and Beloved Burden: Baby Carriers in Different Countries (2011).

Co-author is Sonja Wijs, anthropologist and researcher. She also is the co-author of Africa at the Tropenmuseum (2011).

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