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Dreams of Prosperity

Silvia Vignato (ed.), Dreams of Prosperity: Inequality and Integration in Southeast Asia, EFEO, Silkworm Books, 2017

Dreams of Prosperity offers a critical composite reflection on Southeast Asia as a progressively integrated and globalized space of production, exchange, and circulation within and beyond national boundaries. Through a broad array of contexts united by the theme of integration, the essays describe the successful or unsuccessful entry of specific individuals or groups into wider markets and networks in their quest for prosperity—in Thailand, by Lua peasant farmers, slum families, the last century’s teak laborers, and ethnic tour hosts; in Indonesia, by the urban poor and communities resisting environmental destruction; and in Vietnam, by human trafficking returnees. The authors examine how these groups are socially and symbolically defined and redefined in the process of integration, and consider the imaginaries of future that enable both active participation and unmitigated manipulation. Two key topics are the cognitive struggle that peasants and laborers face with their material environment and the process of sense-making that characterizes many destitute people in urban contexts.

Contributors are Matteo Carlo Alcano, Amnuayvit Thitibordin, Monika Arnez, Giuseppe Bolotta, Olivier Evrard, Karnrawee Sratongno, Runa Lazzarino, Manoj Potapohn, Amalia Rossi, Sakkarin Na Nan, and Silvia Vignato.


  1. Green Aspirations and the Dynamics of Integration in Two East Kalimantan Cities— Monika Arnez 
  2. Neoliberalism and the Integration of Labor and Natural Resources: Contract Farming and Biodiversity Conservation in Northern Thailand—Amalia Rossi and Sakkarin Na Nan 
  3. Integration and Marginality in the Tourist Economy: The Geopolitics of Trekking in Chiang Mai Province—Olivier Evrard, Manoj Potapohn, and Karnrawee Stratongno 
  4. Migration and the Ethnic Division of Labor in Siam’s Teak Business, 1880s–1910s— Amnuayvit Thitibordin 
  5. After the Shelter: The Nuances of Reintegrating Human Trafficking Returnees in Northern Vietnam—Runa Lazzarino 
  6. Playing the NGO System: How Mothers and Children Design Political Change in the Slums of Bangkok—Giuseppe Bolotta 
  7. Making Sense of Poverty in Aceh and Surabaya—Silvia Vignato and Matteo Carlo Alcano 

Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship, vol. 1, no. 1 (August 2016)


Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship, vol. 1, no. 1 (August 2016) – « Special Issue on Poverty »

The Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship —is a new, open access, digital journal of humanities (history and literary criticism) and social sciences. It aims at fostering the development of vigorous, critical, and independent research of the highest quality on Burma by scholars both in Burma and abroad.

The collection of essays collected in this inaugural issue offer illustrations of the lived experiences of poor people in urban and rural areas across Burma’s diverse geography—landscapes that range from coastal wetlands to the mountainous periphery and dry interior.

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Table of contents :

  • Introduction to the New Journal by James Scott
  • Introduction to the Special Issue on Poverty by Ardeth Thawnghmung
  • Small Scale Fishermen in Rakhine State by Saw Eh Htoo
  • Poverty and Migration from Burma: Within and Without Midi Z’s Films by Wen-Chin Chang
  • Poverty and Livelihood : a Study of the Socioeconomic Situations of the Bus Conductors on No. 3 Buses by Ye Hein Haung (en birman)
  • “Fragmented Sovereignty” over Property Institutions: Developmental Impacts on the Chin Hill Communities by Siusue Mark
  • Poverty and Health in Contemporary Burma by Dr Ne Lynn Zaw and Mollie Pepper
  • On the Frontier of Urbanization: Informal Settlements in Yangon, Myanmar by Eben I. Forbes