“Trans-Asia as method: Exploring new potentials of “trans-Asian” approaches”, Monash University, Prato Centre, Italy

Organized by Monash Asia Institute, Monash University

“The conference aims to discuss the potential of trans-Asian perspectives and approaches for the investigation of human mobilities, media culture flows and people’s cross-border connection across Asia. The conference will explore four patterns of trans-Asian approaches: Cross-border flows and connections; Inter-Asian comparison and referencing; Transnational & de-nationalized approaches; Cross-border collaboration.”

Selected papers will be published as an edited volume as part of the book series, Asian Cultural Studies: Transnational and Dialogic Approaches (Rowman & Littlefield International).

Date limite d’envoi des abstracts : 30 septembre 2016


“Resilient Cities for Human Flourishing: Governing the Asia-Pacific Urban Transition in the Anthropocene”, Asia Research Institute, NUS, Singapore


“The purpose of this multidisciplinary workshop is to explore innovations in governance aimed at building urban resilience to various forms of environmental harm while protecting human flourishing through the creation of civic cultures centered on more sustainable forms of resource consumption.”

Date limite d’envoi des abstracts : 30 septembre 2016


Southeast Asian Studies, vol. 5, no. 1 (avril 2016) : Political Networks in Asia


Guest Editors: Onimaru Takeshi and Khoo Boo Teik

  • Introduction: A Place for Networks in Asian Politics by Khoo Boo Teik and Onimaru Takeshi
  • Very Distinguished Alumni: Thai Political Networking by Pasuk Phongpaichit, Nualnoi Treerat, and Chris Baker
  •  The Rise and Fall of Virata’s Network: Technocracy and the Politics of Economic Decision Making in the Philippines by Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem
  • Networks in Pursuit of a “Two-Coalition System” in Malaysia: Pakatan Rakyat’s Mobilization of Dissent between Reformasi and the Tsunami by Khoo Boo Teik
  • Contending Political Networks: A Study of the “Yellow Shirts” and “Red Shirts” in Thailand’s Politics by Naruemon Thabchumpon
  • Shanghai Connection: The Construction and Collapse of the Comintern Network in East and Southeast Asia by Onimaru Takeshi
  • Looking at Links and Nodes: How Jihadists in Indonesia Survived by Miichi Ken


Cette revue est en ligne et en libre accès.

Sojourn, vol. 31, no. 2 (juillet 2016)



  •  Buddhist Holy Man Khruba Bunchum: The Shift in a Millenarian Movement at the Thailand–Myanmar Border by Amporn Jirattikorn
  • 78s and the Golden Age of Thai Song: Content and Analysis of the Thai 78 rpm Discographical Framework by James Mitchell
  • Chinese Women Ethnopreneurs in Southeast Asia: Two Case Studies by Caroline S. Hau
  • Propaganda and the Public: The Shaping of Opinion in the Southern Vietnamese Countryside during the Second Indochina War by David Hunt
  • Through Racing Goggles: Modernity, the West, Ambiguous Siamese Alterities and the Construction of Thai Nationalism by Thak Chaloemtiarana

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Conference Announcements Burma Studies and Thai Studies Northern Illinois University


The International Burma Studies Conference (October 7-9, 2016) www.burmaconference2016.com/ and the annual conference of the Council on Thai Studies (October 28-29, 2016) www.niu.edu/cots/index.shtml are both being held at Northern Illinois University this fall. The Thai Studies conference will feature Prof. Ora-on Poocharoen (Chiang Mai University) and Prof. Tanachai Mark Padoongpatt (UNLV) as keynote speakers.

Call For Papers Workshop on National Imaginations in Southeast Asian Art

logo_iseasISEAS, Singapore

January 20, 2017

Deadline: October 31, 2016

Web announcement: iseas.edu.sg/events/upcoming-events/item/3745-call-for-papers-workshop-national-imaginations-in-southeast-asian-art-deadline-for-abstract-31-oct-2016

This one-day workshop comes at a time when ‘national art’ is being redefined while more public and private institutions in the region are erected to re-imagine the narratives of nationhood. Whether through modern or contemporary art which interrogates the consequences of global capitalism, scholars are invited to explore how art is deployed either as a coalescing force for the imagination of the nation or a critical expression of its flaws and strains.

Academic Position International Relations/Comparative Politics/Southeast Asian Studies Northern Illinois University

Deadline: October 1, 2016

The Department of Political Science and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University (NIU) anticipate hiring a tenure-track position in comparative politics (CP) or international relations (IR), open to all ranks, beginning August 16, 2017. The successful candidate will teach classes and conduct research, in either CP or IR, with a regional focus on Southeast Asia. If the candidate’s first field of study is CP it is preferred that their second field be IR. Although the search is open to country experts from anywhere in the region preference will be given to candidates who have studied either Burma or Thailand. Additionally, preference will be given to candidates who can teach quantitative and/or qualitative methods courses at the graduate level.

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Two Research Fellows (Natural Hazards and Society in Asia), Nanyang Technological University, Earth Observatory of Singapore



The Earth Observatory of Singapore is looking to appoint up to 2 Research Fellows within its new Natural Hazards and Society in Asia research fellowship program. We are looking to support the career development of recent PhD graduates conducting research within the social sciences, humanities and policy fields related to how societies in Asia engage with, respond to, and are shaped by natural hazards. Scholars will be selected based upon their potential to produce high-impact publications during their fellowship, as well as complement (and potentially collaborate with) EOS earth science researchers…

Les candidatures seront examinées à partir du 31 août 2016 jusqu’à ce que les postes soient pourvus.


Scientific employee (post-doc) for social-anthropological research on mainland Southeast Asia (contemporary and/or historical perspective), The Institute for Social Anthropology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna

Programme de recherche en cours : “Engaging with Crisis, Mobility and Transformation in mainland Southeast Asia”.

Date d’envoi des candidatures : 31 août 2016