Northern Illinois University is offering the world’s first distance learning course on Burmese

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Northern Illinois University is offering the world’s first distance learning course on Burmese, a language spoken by the majority of people in Burma/Myanmar. This course offers students the flexibility of studying the language from anywhere over the internet. All instruction will be live and conducted by Professor Tharaphi Than.

Rony Zakaria verra sa série « Men, Mountains and the Sea » exposée à Arles du 4 juillet au 25 septembre 2016

Déjà présent en 2015 à Photoquai, le photographe indonésien Rony Zakaria verra sa série « Men, Mountains and the Sea » exposée à Arles du 4 juillet au 25 septembre prochain, une exposition organisée par The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film et conçue par le commissaire Dimitri Beck.

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« Birmanie, la croisée des destins », 04/06/2016, « Tout un monde », France Culture

Avec Sylvie Brieu, journaliste, auteur de Birmanie : les chemins de la liberté, Albin Michel, 2016 :

 « Aloita : bienvenue chez les Mentawaï, hommes-fleurs d’Indonésie »

Deux émissions de « Si loin, si proche » (RFI) diffusées les 14 et 21 novembre 2015. Voir le webdoc sur le site de RFI avec photographies, dessins et extraits sonores :

A lire : 22 juin 2016

“The big read: KL’s local publishing scene” by Ng Su Ann, 02/06/2016, TimeOut Kuala Lumpur

“The small press scene in Malaysia is, as it turns out, not so small after all. We explore the good, the bad and the ugly of the profound transformation of local publishing.”

 KITLV Blog: Celebrating Ramadan in Style? by Chris Chaplin, 07/06/2016

“The fasting month in Indonesia comes with new gadgets and ‘special offers’ advertisements. Chris Chaplin wonders whether or not this affects the pious character of fasting.”

“Thai-Cambodian Flame War Erupts Over Traditional Dance. Both Are Wrong” by Teeranai Charuvastra, 07/06/2016, Khaosod English

“In a drama of epic proportions, Thailand and Cambodia are feuding once again after simultaneously claiming ownership of the traditional elaborate masked dance known as Khon in Thailand and Khol in Cambodia.”

“Revealed: Cambodia’s vast medieval cities hidden beneath the jungle” by Lara Dunston, 11/06/2016, The Guardian

 “Airborne laser scanning as a method for exploring long-term socio-ecological dynamics in Cambodia” by Damian Evans, 13/06/2016, Journal of Archaeological Science


Majalah Bhinneka, mars 2016, numéro consacré au Tribunal Populaire International pour 1965

Association for Asian Studies Conference, 16-19 Mars, Toronto

The Southeast Asia Council (SEAC) of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) is seeking paper proposals from up-and-coming scholars to join a “Rising Voices” panel on the broad topic of “transnational borderland identities in Southeast Asia.” We seek to recruit three early career scholars from Southeast Asian countries in order to form a panel for eventual inclusion in the 2017 Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies.

Indonesia Update Conference 2016 : Digital Indonesia: challenges and opportunities of the digital revolution

16-17 septembre 2016, Australian National University

It is widely believed that we are in the middle of a technological revolution. The dynamic capacity of the internet to connect and transmit information—as well as the evolving nature of devices and infrastructures, owing to digitalisation—has seen new technologies bring rapid change to many parts of the world, including Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, much of the scholarship and debate surrounding the impact of digital technologies remains highly Western-centric.


In Indonesia, digital platforms have been used to organise mass rallies, assist with election monitoring, and generally provide a space for greater freedom of opinion and expression on a variety of issues and events. Digitalisation has impacted the media industry, banks, polling institutes, terrorism networks, disaster relief and city planners, as well as education, employment, political activism, artistic production and much more.

President Jokowi himself recently promoted Indonesia’s capacity for investment in the digital economy during his visit to the White House. Yet digitalisation has seen existing business models thrown into disarray through what scholars describe as ‘disruptive technologies’. But what exactly is the digital economy, and can it live up to its promise? What challenges and opportunities does digitalisation bring to Indonesian governance, politics, policy, culture and society more broadly? How can Indonesia bridge the ‘digital divide’?

The 2016 Indonesia Update will address these and other urgent questions surrounding ‘digital Indonesia’. It will include experts from Australia, Indonesia and around the world, from a range of disciplines, who are researching the impacts of digital technologies. It will also include speakers who are actively involved in developing new digital platforms in Indonesia.

Speakers will include Ainun Nadjib, Onno Purbo, Michelle Ford, Usman Hamid, Emma Baulch and many more.

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15th Northeast Conference on Indonesia, In Memory of Benedict Anderson: Imagining Indonesia Across Disciplines

Call for Abstracts

28-29 octobre 2016, Cornell University

Date limite d’envoi des abstracts : 22 juillet 2016

Keynote speaker: Mary Steedly (Harvard)

The Cornell Indonesian Association invites submissions of abstracts for this conference on Indonesia, hosted in cooperation with the Yale Indonesian Forum. The organizers welcome abstracts for the following four areas of studies: science and technology; sociology, anthropology, and history; economics and politics; and language, arts, culture and religion.

Journal of Lao Studies, special issue 3 (avril 2016) devoted to the work of Grant Evans



  • The genesis of Red Brotherhood at war by Kelvin Rowley
  • From peasants to lords : the intellectual evolution of Grant Evans by Chris Hutton and Dominic Blaettler
  • Upland geopolitics : finding zomia in Northern Laos c. 1875 by Michael Dwyer
  • Lao peasants after socialism by Boike Rehbein
  • Contextualizing development : Grant Evans, peasant studies and the Lao development sector by Kathryn Sweet