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Pusaka Collection : Online Museum of Indonesian ikat textiles


Pusaka Collection : Online Museum of Indonesian Ikat Textiles 

Curator Peter Ten Hoopen

Ikat textiles from the Indonesian Archipelago

An archipelago wide collection

The Pusaka Collection, a private non-profit creation, has a narrow focus on ikat textiles from Indonesia. Unlike most collections, generally based on a selection of stellar pieces from a limited number of different localities, the Pusaka Collection aims to show the region’s ikat culture as a whole, using antique and vintage examples made with traditional methods. It spans the entire arc of the Indonesian archipelago, from Sumatra in the west till the Moluccas in the east. In fact it reaches beyond Indonesia’s borders to include the Malaysian state of Serawak, and the Democratic Republic of East Timor.

The collection is modest in size, but comprises numerous rare treasures – such as one of the best preserved of only a dozen known ‘elephant patola‘, old birth sarongs from tiny Raijua, late 19th C silk and gold brocade heirlooms from Bangka, fragile double ikat geringsing from Bali, cloths from Borneo that radiate intensity, and old pieces from remote little islands such as Alor, Kisar, Lembata, Ndao, Pantar, Semau, Solor, and Seram.

The collection is presented island by island, but you may also browse around at random, using the Gallery or the rapid access points above, including the addictive [RANDOM]. For those unfamiliar with ikat textiles, we recommend the menu option ‘What is ikat?‘ To understand the values and aims that shape this collection, read the page on Collecting Philosophy.

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Ikat Textiles from the Indonesian Archipelago

Ikat Textiles from the Indonesian Archipelago

An archipelago-wide collection

Ikat Textiles from the Indonesian Archipelago

An archipelago-wide collection

Musée : Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

iamm1-300x200The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) is one of the world’s youngest museums. As such, it is invested with vigour and a strong sense of purpose. There are few institutions in Asia committed to giving this level of exposure to different Islamic cultures.

The IAMM is in a constant state of renewal: the collection keeps growing and our displays try to keep pace with this expansion. The look of the galleries has been changing and will no doubt continue to do so, until we have achieved the unachievable – a setting that truly does justice to some of mankind’s finest and most diverse works of art.

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Museum of Philippine Social History

Social history is the study of everyday life over time. It deals with the rich and vibrant lives of ordinary people—their belief systems, houses and belongings, clothing, food and utensils, art forms and leisure, relations with families, neighbours and the community, nature and their surroundings—and how these have changed, remained or disappeared.

The Museo ng Kasaysayang Panlipunan ng Pilipinas (Museum of Philippine Social History) provides a glimpse of Filipino social history in the past and today.

This museum is under the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

While the museum does not currently have a website, information about its activities can be accessed through its Facebook profile.

Permanent Collections: textile, accessories, weaving and sewing implements, furniture pieces, kitchen/household implements, scale model of architectural pieces, traditional toys.

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