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Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde, vol. 172, no. 2-3 (2016) : special issue : “Performing the state”


  • Performing the state by Jeremy J. Kingsley & Kari Telle
  • From “Men of Prowess” to Religious Militias : Informal Sovereignties in Southeast Asia by Joshua Barker
  • Mimicking the State in Burma/Myanmar : Royal, Nationalist, and Militant Ideology in a New Buddhist Movement by Nicklas Foxeus
  • A Hyper-Royalist Parapolitics in Thailand by Tyrell Haberkorn
  • Organized Violence and the State : Evolving Vigilantism in Indonesia by Laurens Bakker
  • Expansion in the Shadow of the Company : Concurrent Representations of Karangasem by Hans Hägerdal
  • Death and the Control of Life in an Indonesian City by Robbie Peters

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