2017 AAS-in-Asia Conference, “Asia in motion : beyond borders and boundaries”, 24-27 juin 2016, Korea University, Seoul

“The Program Committee for the AAS-in-ASIA conference seeks proposals dealing with all regions of Asia on subjects covering a wide range of scholarly disciplines and professional fields under the theme:  “Asia in Motion: Beyond Borders and Boundaries.” Modern borders are often allowed to define and divide nations, cultures, and traditions. However, both present-day experience and historical records reveal that people and goods have always moved across boundaries. Ideas and material goods, rather than being the exclusive monopoly of one region or nation, have generally been the objects of exchange, competition, and rivalry. Our proposed theme questions the fixed political boundaries of nations and states, and encourages scholars to reconsider borders as in progress and Asia as in motion. By thinking beyond borders and boundaries we enhance our understanding of how the concept of “Asia” was shaped in the past and how it is now reshaping the world.”

Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 31 octobre 2016