South East Asia Research, vol. 24, no. 3 (septembre 2016)

3-coverSpecial issue : Political families in Southeast Asia / Guest editor : Jemma Purdey


  • Political families in Southeast Asia by Jemma Purdey


  • Political dynasties in the Philippines: Persistent patterns, perennial problems by Teresa S Encarnacion Tadem and Eduardo C Tadem
  • The Lees of Singapore: A quality brand by Michael D. Barr
  • The Sukarno dynasty in Indonesia: Between institutionalisation, ideological continuity and crises of succession by Marcus Mietzner
  • Narratives to power: The case of the Djojohadikusumo family dynasty over four generations by Jemma Purdey
  • Evolving power of provincial political families in Thailand: Dynastic power, party machine and ideological politics by Prajak Kongkirati
  • Survival against the odds: The Djunaid family of Pekalongan, Central Java by Amalinda Savirani
  • Understanding family politics: Successes and failures of political dynasties in regional Indonesia by Edward Aspinall and Muhammad Uhaib As’ad

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