Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, vol. 52, no. 2 (2016)


Survey of Recent Developments

  • Family Matters: Demographic Change and Social Spending in Indonesia by Riatu Qibthiyyah and Ariane J. Utomo


Others Articles

  • Village Governance, Community Life, and the 2014 Village Law in Indonesia by Hans Antlöv, Anna Wetterberg & Leni Dharmawan
  • Could a Resource Export Boom Reduce Workers’ Earnings? The Labour-Market Channel in Indonesia by Ian Coxhead & Rashesh Shrestha
  • Traditions, Land Rights, and Local Welfare Creation: Studies from Eastern Indonesia by Stein Kristiansen & Linda Sulistiawati
  • How Robust Is Indonesia’s Poverty Profile? Adjusting for Differences in Needs by Jan Priebe

Book Reviews


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