South East Asia Research, vol. 24, no. 2 (juin 2016)




  • From civil war to uncivil peace: The Vietnamese army and the early Nguyễn state (1802–1841) by George Dutton
  • You are under arrest: Epistemic arrest and the endless reproduction of the image of the colonised native by Farish A. Noor
  • Revisiting the rise of Jokowi: The triumph of Reformasi or an oligarchic adaptation of post-clientelist initiatives? by Yuki Fukuoka and Luky Djani
  • War of words: Isan redshirt activists and discourses of Thai democracy by Saowanee T. Alexander and Duncan McCargo
  • Cold War scripts: Comparing remembrance of the Malayan Emergency and the 1965 violence in Indonesia by Katharine McGregor

Article en accès libre :

  • Democratization and the diffusion of shari’a law: Comparative insights from Indonesia by Michael Buehler and Dani Muhtada
  • Manliness in Sino-Malay publications in the Netherlands Indies by Tom Hoogervorst

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