Forest and society, vol. 2, n° 1, 2018

Forest and society, vol. 2, n° 1, 2018

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Table of contents

Regular research articles

  • Transforming forest landscape conflicts: the promises and perils of global forest management initiatives such as REDD+ by Seth Kane, Ahmad Dhiaulhaq, Lok Mani Sapkota, David Gritten
  • Rubber plantation labor and labor movements as rubber prices decrease in southern Thailand by Uraiwan Tongkaemkaew, Bénédicte Chambon
  • From voluntary private to mandatory state governance in Indonesian forest certification: Reclaiming authority by bureaucracies by Agung Wibowo, Lukas Giessen
  • India in international climate governance: Through soft power from REDD to REDD+ policy in favor of relative gains by Swati Negi, Lukas Giessen
  • From SEZs to Thailand 4.0: Geopolitics of borderlands in the Thai state’s vision by Phianphachong Intarat
  • Landslide susceptibility map using certainty factor for hazard mitigation in mountainous areas of Ujung-loe watershed in South Sulawesi by Andang Suryana Soma, Tetsuya Kubota
  • A synthesis of the implementation ambivalence of REDD+ in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia by Divine Odame Appiah, Stephanie Esinu Adjoa Gbeddy

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