South East Asia Research, vol. 26, n° 1, 2018

South East Asia Research, vol. 26, n° 1, March 2018

Table of contents


Salafi activism and the promotion of a modern Muslim identity : Evolving mediums of Da’wa amongst Yogyakartan university students by  Chris Chaplin

Actively cautious : Industrialization and rural livelihood choices in contemporary northern Vietnam by Lam Minh Chau

Zomia’s vestiges : Illegible peoples and legible crimes in Omkoi, Northwest Thailand by Bobby Anderson

An empirical analysis of vote buying among the poor : Evidence from elections in the Philippines by Tristan A Canare, Ronald U Mendoza, Mario Antonio Lopez

The effects of a merciful heart : Children and charity in Malaysia by Silvia Vignato

Book Reviews

Weng Hew Wai, Chinese Ways of Being Muslim: Negotiating Ethnicity and Religiosity in Indonesia by Jemma Purdey

Morgenbesser Lee, Behind the Façade: Elections Under Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia by Neil Loughlin

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