Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde, vol. 174, n° 1, 2018

Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde, vol. 174, n° 1, 2018

Table of contents

Research Articles

  • Bringing Grievances Back In : Towards an Alternative Understanding of the Rise of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines by Jeroen Adam
  • Agents for Change : Local Women’s Organizations and Domestic Violence in Indonesia by Dina Afrianty
  • Iang Evangelivm Ul-Kadus Menjurat kapada Marcum : The First Malay Gospel of Mark (1629–1630) and the Agama Kumpeni by Lourens de Vries

Book Reviews

  • John G. Butcher and R.E. Elson, Sovereignty and the Sea: How Indonesia Became an Archipelagic State by  Lance Nolde
  • Simon Butt, Constitutional Court and Democracy in Indonesia by Herlambang P. Wiratraman
  • N. Cheesman & N. Farrelly (eds), Conflict in Myanmar: War, Politics, Religion by Maaike Matelski
  • Joost Coté, Hugh O’Neill, Pauline K.M. Roosmalen, and Helen Ibbitson Jessup, The Life and Work of Thomas Karsten by Abidin Kusno
  • Kirk Endicott (ed.), Malaysia’s Original People: Past, Present and Future of the Orang Asli by Cynthia Chou
  • Jennifer A. Fraser, Gongs and Pop Songs: Sounding Minangkabau in Indonesia by Sooi Beng Tan
  • Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, Hui Yew-Foong, and Philippe Peycam (eds), Citizens, Civil Society and Heritage-Making in Asia by Lauren Yapp
  • Ross King, Heritage and Identity in Contemporary Thailand: Memory, Place, and Power by Adele Esposito
  • Su Lin Lewis, Cities in Motion: Urban Life and Cosmopolitanism in Southeast Asia, 1920–1940 by Dafna Rupin
  • David Lipset and Eric Kline Silverman (eds), Mortuary Dialogues: Death Ritual and the Reproduction of Moral Community in Pacific Modernities by Emilie Wellfelt
  • Ronald McCrum, The Men Who Lost Singapore, 1938–1942  by Kankan Xie
  • Su-Ann Oh (ed.), Myanmar’s Mountains and Maritime Borderscapes: Local Practices, Boundary Making and Figured World by Ishrat Hossain
  • Patrick Pillai, Yearning to Belong: Malaysia’s Indian Muslims, Chitties, Portuguese Eurasians, Peranakan Chinese, and Baweanese by Keng We Koh
  • Yvonne Spielmann, Contemporary Indonesian Art: Artists, Spaces, and Collections by Leonor Veiga
  • Carolien Stolte and Alicia Schrikker (eds), World History—A Genealogy: Private Conversations with World Historians, 1996–2016  by Guo-Quang Seng
  • Michael Sullivan, Cambodia Votes: Democracy, Authority, and International Support for Elections, 1993–2013 by Sophal Ear
  • C. Michele Thompson, Vietnamese Traditional Medicine: A Social History by Thuy Linh Nguyen
  • Ayang Utriza Yakin, Sejarah Hukum Islam Nusantara Abad XIVXIX M by Yanwar Pribadi
  • Souchou Yao, The Malayan Emergency. Essays on a Small, Distant War by Grace V.S. Chin