NUSA, vol. 62 (March 2017)

NUSA : Linguistic studies of languages in and around Indonesia, vol. 62 (March 2017)
Contact and substrate in the languages of Wallacea Part 1

Editor: Antoinette Schapper


  • Contact and substrate in the languages of Wallacea: Introduction by Antoinette Schapper
  • Tone and language contact in southern Cenderawasih Bay by David Kamholz
  • Roon ve, DO/GIVE Coexpression, and Language Contact in Northwest New Guinea by David Gil
  • Papuan-Austronesian Language Contact on Yapen Island: A Preliminary Account by Emily Gasser
  • A unified system of spatial orientation in the Austronesian and non-Austronesian languages of Halmahera by Gary Holton

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