Bulletin of Indonesian economic studies, vol. 53, n° 2, 2017

Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, vol. 53, n° 2, 2017

Table of contents

Survey of Recent Developments
  • Forestry, Forest Fires, and Climate Change in Indonesia by Armida S. Alisjahbana and Jonah M. Busch
Indonesia in Comparative Perspective
  • India and Indonesia: Lessons Learned from the 2013 Taper Tantrum by Chatib Basri
Other Articles
  • Agro-clusters and Rural Poverty: A Spatial Perspective for West Java by Dadan Wardhana, Rico Ihle and Wim Heijman
  • Triangle of Linkages among Modernising Markets, Sprayer–traders, and Mango-farming Intensification in Indonesia by Sara Ratna Qanti, Thomas Reardon and Arief Iswariyadi
Inaugural Mubyarto Public Policy Forum: Keynote Address
  • Revisiting the Problem of Development Distribution by Boediono

Book Reviews

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