Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land en Volkenkunde, vol. 173, n° 4, 2017

Bijdragen tot de taal-, land en volkenkunde, vol. 173, n° 4, 2017

Special Issue : New Urban Middle Classes in Colonial Java

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Table of contents

  • New Urban Middle Classes in Colonial Java by Henk Schulte-Nordholt
Research Articles
  • Urban Middle Classes in Colonial Java (1900-1942) by Tom Hoogervorst and Henk Schulte-Nordholt
  • The Emergence of a Modern Audience for Cinema in Colonial Java by Dafna Ruppin
  • Performing Colonial Modernity : Fairs, Consumerism, and the Emergence of the Indonesian Middle Classes by Arnout H. C. van der Meer
Review Articles
  • In Search of Young Citizens by Yatun Sastramidjaja
  • Recent Books on Indonesian Manuscript by Dick van der Meij
  • Animism and Personal Religion in Southeast Asia by Nathan Porath and Chayan Vaddhanaphuti
Book Reviews
  • Debate on De brandende kampongs van Generaal Spoor by Rémy Limpach, with Bart Luttikhuis, Abdul Wahid, Robert Cribb, Harry Poeze
  • Andrea A. Acri (ed.), Esoteric Buddhism in Medieval Maritime Asia: Networks of Masters, Texts, Icons by Thomas Hunter
  • Nicolas Césard, Antonio Guerreiro, and Antonia Soriente (eds), Petualangan Unjung dan Mbui Kuvong: Sastra lisan dan Kamus Punan Tuvu’ dari Kalimantan by Stefan Danerek
  • Matthew Cohen, Inventing the Performing Arts: Modernity and Tradition in Colonial Indonesia by Saadia Boonstra
  • Jennifer Goodlander, Women in the Shadows: Gender, Puppets, and the Power of Tradition in Bali by Carmencita Palermo
  • Vedi R. Hadiz, Islamic Populism in Indonesia and the Middle East by Hatib Abdul Kadir
  • Ravando, Dr. Oen, Pejuang dan Pengayom Rakyat Kecil by Abdul Wahid
  • Rumadi, Islamic Post-traditionalism in Indonesia by Kevin Fogg

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