Suvannabhumi, vol. 9, n° 1, 2017

Suvannabhumi : Multi-disciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, vol. 9, n° 1, June 2017

Revue en libre accès dirigée par Victor T. King (Emeritus Professor, University of Leeds) et Park Jang Sik (Busan University of Foreign Studies, Korea) avec Kim Dong-Yeob (Busan University of Foreign Studies, Korea), Kim Yekyoum (Busan University of Foreign Studies, Korea) et Louie Jon A. Sanchez (Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines) et publiée par l’ISEAS.


  • “Local” vs. “Cosmopolitan” in the Study of Premodern Southeast Asia by Andrea Acri
  • Affective-discursive Practices in Southeast Asia: Appropriating emotive roles in the case of a Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong who fell to her death while cleaning windows by Alwin C. Aguirre
  • Things Fall Apart? Thailand’s Post-Colonial Politics by Duncan McCargo
  • Articulations of Southeast Asian Religious Modernisms: Islam in Early 20th Century Cambodia & Cochinchina by William B. Noseworthy
  • An Overview of Southeast Asian Area Studies in the Philippines by Meynardo P. Mendoza
  • Nation-Building in Independent Myanmar: A Comparative Study of a History Textbook and a Civic Textbook by Myo Oo
  • Social Capital Revitalization of the Sasaq Community in Lombok, Indonesia through Learning Organization by Mansur Afifi and Sitti Latifah

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