Inter-Asia cultural studies, vol. 18, n° 3, 2017

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, vol. 18, n° 3, 2017

Table of contents


  • Editorial introduction : the pluralistic thoughts and imagined boundaries in Nusantara by Ngoi Guat Peng (translated by Teo Jia Jia and Show Ying Xin)


  • The Malay question in Indonesia by Hilmar Farid
  • Rizal and the rethinking of the analytics of Malayness by Rommel A. Curaming
  • Andres Bonifacio: proletarian hero of the Philippines and Indonesia by Ramon Guillermo
  • Wartime imaginings of an archipelagic community: Fajar Asia and the quest for peninsula Malayan and Indonesian unity by Sandra Khor Manickam
  • How do Indonesians remember Konfrontasi? Indonesia–Malaysia relations and the popular memory of “Confrontation” after the fall of Suharto by Budiawan
  • Malaysia as an “Other” in Indonesian popular discourse by Farabi Fakih
  • The Malayan vision of Lim Chin Siong: unity, non-violence, and popular sovereignty by Thum Ping Tjin
  • Ethnic diversity and the nation state: from centralization in the age of nationalism to decentralization amidst globalization by Francis Kok Wah Loh
  • Ethnicity and nationalism: ideological struggles in Sarawak after the Second World War by Ngu Ik-Tien
  • Religion and politics in Malaysian nation-building: a “double-movement” of hegemonic and plural Islam by Maznah Mohamad

Visual Essay

  • Malay(sian)’s image in Indonesian media prior to Konfrontasi era December 1962 by Yerry Wirawan

Voir :