Call for papers : Forest and society

Call for papers : Forest and society : Initiating a Southeast Asia Journal for Theoretical, Empirical, and Regional Scholarship

Call for paper: Special Section @ Power game and recentralization in Indonesian land use politics

This section invites scholars that use power theories, bureaucratic politics, including recentralization while decentralizing forest or other land use sectors in Indonesia. This could be a theoretical overview as well as an empirical examination of specific case in Indonesian land use politics landscape. This section is also open for particular policy case in Indonesia e.g. Forest Management Unit, Social Corporate Responsibility, and community forestry.

Posted: 28/07/2017

Call for paper: Special Section @ Agrarian transformation in Thailand – commodities, landscapes, and livelihoods

Over the last two decades, there have been extensive discussions about the priorities and processes of agrarian and rural transformation in Thailand. The production and value systems surrounding agricultural transformation involves the overall restructuring of a subsistence-oriented economy to a market-oriented one. Agricultural households are increasingly prioritizing and becoming more dependent on intensive and specialized production of cash crops. Rural livelihoods are also relying more on off-farm income generated by local urban centers or remittances sent back from migrant workers. Although outmigration and the remittance economy has supported rural households, there are also other consequences, most evident in the scarcity and changing labor practices in agricultural sectors. This transformation is affecting rural society in perplexing ways, such as the decline in poverty rates, the increasing levels of economic differentiation, improving access to education, and the perceived withering of community solidarity. These trends of agrarian transformation reflexively interact with broader developments in Thai society, related to an increasing population, processes of urbanization, public policy interventions, natural resources limitations, and changing societal values.

Posted : 29/07/2017

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