South East Asia Research, vol. 25, n° 3, September 2017

South East Asia Research, vol. 25, n° 3, September 2017
Special issue : Value transfers in Southeast Asia : Religion, Charity, and Subjectivity in an era of Neoliberal Reform

Guest editor : Konstantinos Retsikas

Table of contents

  • Value transfers in South East Asia by Konstantinos Retsikas
  • Domestic volunteer tourism in Thailand : The volunteer spirit and the politics of ‘good people’ by Nattaka Chaisinthop
  • The neglected side of philanthropy : Gifts to hungry ghosts in contemporary Việt Nam by Marina Marouda
  • An excess of goodness? Volunteering among aid professionals in Cambodia by Anne-Meike Fechter
  • The gift of future time: Islamic welfare and entrepreneurship in 21st century Indonesia by Konstantinos Retsikas
  • The great value of poor migrants: State policies, Christian morality and primary education in Sabah, Malaysia by Yvan Schulz

Book reviews

  • Th. C. van der Meij and N. Lambooij (eds),The Malay Hikayat Miʿrāj Nabi Muḥammad by Peter Riddell
  • Jeremy Menchik, Islam and Democracy in Indonesia: Tolerance Without Liberalism by Chris Chaplin

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