Journal of immigrant and refugee studies, vol. 15, n° 3 (2017)

Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, vol. 15, n° 3 (2017), Special Issue : Statelessness, Irregularity, and Protection in Southeast Asia

Table of contents


  • Protection Elsewhere, Resilience Here: Introduction to the Special Issue on Statelessness, Irregularity, and Protection in Southeast Asia by Marie McAuliffe


  • Foreigners Everywhere, Nationals Nowhere: Exclusion, Irregularity, and Invisibility of Stateless Bajau Laut in Eastern Sabah, Malaysia by Greg Acciaioli, Helen Brunt and Julian Clifton
  • Contested Statelessness in Sabah, Malaysia: Irregularity and the Politics of Recognition by Catherine Allerton – A télécharger sur :
  • Unpacking the Presumed Statelessness of Rohingyas by Nyi Nyi Kyaw
  • Refugees, Islam, and the State: The Role of Religion in Providing Sanctuary in Malaysia by Gerhard Hoffstaedter
  • Birth Registration and Protection for Children of Transnational Labor Migrants in Indonesia by Jessica Ball, Leslie Butt and Harriot Beazley
  • Who Migrates? Tracking Gendered Access to Migration Within Households “In Flux” Across Time by Choon Yen Khoo, Maria Platt and Brenda S. A. Yeoh

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