“Lost in Transition: Human Trafficking and Migrations in Myanmar”, 17 mars 2016, Hart House Debates Room, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto ON.

Organisée par BORDERLESS, une ONG de secours aux personnes déplacées et aux réfugiés.

Millions of Burmese civilians fall through the cracks as Myanmar slowly puts its conflict-ridden past behind it and moves into political and economic reforms. Whether they are displaced by violence or persecution, or are attracted to employment opportunities abroad, Burmese migrants face dangerous conditions and human rights abuses as they are trafficked around the region or work in exploitative environments. BORDERLESS presents three speakers who will shine light on this massive population upheaval that is overlooked by the world.

– Antonela Arhin, Executive Officer of Center for Diaspora and Transnational Studies, University of Toronto
– Nora Rowley, Human Rights Advocate for Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar
– Stephen Campbell, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Trent University

– Emile Dirks, PhD student in Political Science, University of Toronto