Journal of southeast asian studies, vol. 48, n° 2, june 2017

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, vol. 48, n° 2, june 2017

Table of contents

Editorial Foreword

Editorial Foreword by Maitrii Aung-Thwin

Research Articles

The two Kronik Tionghua of Semarang and Cirebon: A note on provenance and reliability by Alexander Wain

Mediating the local: Representing Javanese cultures on local television in Indonesia by Els Bogaerts

Ethnicity and social relations in Indonesian television production houses by Maria Myutel

Colonial sugar production in the Spanish Philippines: Calamba and Negros compared by Filomeno V. Aguilar

Mae Fah Luang: Thailand’s Princess Mother and the Border Patrol Police during the Cold War by Sinae Hyun

Balancing the foreign and the familiar in the articulation of kingship: The royal court Brahmans of Thailand by Nathan McGovern

Book  Reviews

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