Podcast : Cambodia’s Cultural Revival, The Cultural frontline, BBC World Service

Podcast : Cambodia’s Cultural Revival, The Cultural frontline, 15/04/2017, BBC World Service

Four decades after the Khmer Rouge genocide during which almost 90 percent of the country’s finest artists, musicians and intellectuals were wiped out, an extraordinary cultural revival and vibrant contemporary arts scene is emerging in Cambodia. We hear from the young artists at the forefront of this revival.

Kavich Neang, one of Cambodia’s hottest young filmmakers discusses his forthcoming film about the iconic White Building in Phnom Penh whose evolution tells the story of modern Cambodia.

The young radio host, relationship guru and social media celebrity DJ Nana describes how her outspoken advice on sex and relationships is breaking social taboos and has earned her a UN award for empowering young women.

Arn Chorn-Pound, musician, Khmer Rouge survivor and founder of Cambodian Living Arts explains why it’s important to pass on the traditional Cambodian arts to a new generation and how music has saved his life.

Channthy Kak, dubbed Cambodia’s Amy Winehouse and the lead singer of the rock group Cambodian Space Project, talks about her rise to fame from a poor village girl with no education or musical training.

And Sok Sangvar, in charge of tourism at Angkor Wat, explains how he is reducing the impact of tourism on the ancient temples that represent the soul of Cambodian culture.

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