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Gerard Sasges, “Absent maps, marine science, and the reimagination of the South China Sea, 1922-1939” in Journal of Asian Studies, vol. 75, no. 1 (fév. 2016)


Blog KITLV : Books written for everyone (and protected by a few) by Tom Hoogervorst, 11 août 2016

“Indonesia’s Chinese authored literature reached its peak of popularity in the 1930s. Access to these unique sources is slowly improving. Tom Hoogervorst escaped Jakarta’s archives for a rendezvous with two passionate guardians of the ‘Sino-Malay’ literary heritage : Myra Sidharta and Azmi Abubakar, head of Indonesia’s very first Peranakan Chinese Book Museum (Museum Pustaka Peranakan Tionghoa).”


Rengat, 1949 (Part 1) by Anne-Lot Hoek, 12/09/2016, Inside Indonesia

“Dutch paratroopers massacred hundreds, perhaps thousands, in a Sumatran town during the Indonesian Revolution, yet nobody outside Rengat seems to know.”Cf. “The peristiwa of Rengat, Sumatra”, 12/02/206 : http://www.kitlv.nl/blog-the-peristiwa-of-rengat/


Rengat, 1949 (Part 2) by Anne-Lot Hoek, 12/09/2016, Inside Indonesia

“The people of Rengat, the Dutch archives and Dutch authorities have always known about the massacre of January 1949. Why then is the Dutch public not aware?”