Nalanda-Sriwijaya centre lecture series : “New Data on Early Settlement Processes and State Formation in Highland Sumatra, Indonesia” by Mai Lin Tjoa-Bonatz, 08/09/2016, ISEAS, Yusof Ishak Institute

“Dr Tjoa-Bonatz presented her findings about a highland kingdom founded by Indonesia’s last Hindu-Buddhist king, Ādityavarman (r. ca. 1343–75). Using both material culture and stone inscriptions as evidence, the research shows the vitality of a highland centre of power at a site known today as Bukit Gombak, in the Minangkabau region of West Sumatra. This site showed a settlement from the 14th to the 17th century. Dr Tjoa-Bonatz argued that this was the site of the original political and socio-economic centre of the Minangkabau region before it shifted to Pagaruyng and probably the royal centre of king Ādityavarman…”

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Ces recherches du Dr Tjoa-Bonatz feront l’objet d’une monographie.