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Atlas of deforestation and industrial plantations in Borneo

Atlas of deforestation and industrial plantations in Borneo : new interactive atlas developed by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).

For a better Borneo, new map reveals how much terrain has changed, 15/02/2017, Forests News, CIFOR blog

New atlas displays 40 years of human impacts on forests – from fires to logging to industrial plantations and more

Incorporating 40 years of maps of Borneo (the world’s third largest island), the tool reveals both the forest remaining and what is being reshaped due to degradation and extraction industries. With the ability to search by oil palm or pulpwood concessions, and view the locations of intact peatland, as well as determine the speed with which forest is converted to plantation, the atlas offers the first significant opportunity to distinguish companies that are avoiding deforestation to a large degree.

CIFOR scientist David Gaveau, who developed the atlas, said, “The tool is an open platform for researchers, advocacy groups, journalists and anyone interested in deforestation, wildlife habitats and corporate actions.”

The data provided by the atlas is free to download, and informs whether a particular oil palm concession is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)- the organization that implements a global standard for sustainability in the palm oil industry.

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Kalimantan’s sad palm oil revolution


Kalimantan’s sad palm oil revolution by Ward Berenschot, 30/01/2017, KITLV Blog

“See what is left of our rubber trees”, says Titik, the leader of a group of angry villagers. After a magnificent boat ride through majestic forest, I met his group in Rawang, Central Kalimantan, standing at the edge of a seemingly endless muddy field, full of felled tree trunks. They point to a few leaves growing out of the mud – a sapling of a rubber tree, and proof that they once had valuable rubber trees there. Now excavators are preparing the land (their land!) for another massive palm oil plantation.

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