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ASEAN : 50 ans d’une expérience singulière

Politique étrangère, vol. 82, été 2017 : ASEAN : 50 ans d’une expérience singulière

En cinquante années d’existence, l’Association des nations du Sud-Est asiatique (ASEAN) a défini une approche complexe, progressive, équilibrée, de l’intégration régionale. Loin des affirmations spectaculaires de la construction européenne, elle articule les stratégies économiques et politiques d’États très divers avant tout soucieux de leurs propres souverainetés.

La « voie asiatique » s’affirme ainsi très particulière, sans nul doute efficace. Mais suffira-t-elle face aux reclassements imposés par la montée en puissance du géant chinois ?

Dossier : ASEAN : 50 ans d’une expérience singulière

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The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, vol. 18, n° 3, June 2017

The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, vol. 18, n° 3, June 2017

A signaler :

Farmers and Pawns: The Role of Migrants in Agrarian Conflicts and Rural Resistance in Sumatra, Indonesia by Stefanie Steinebach

Not Always ‘Left-Behind’: Indonesian Adolescent Women Negotiating Transnational Mobility, Filial Piety and Care by Carol Chan

Book reviews

Volker Gottowik (ed.), Dynamics of Religion in Southeast Asia: Magic and Modernity by Jeremy Kingsley

Minh T. N. Nguyen, Vietnam’s Socialist Servants: Domesticity, Class, Gender and Identity by Ashley Carruthers

Donald M. Nonini, ‘Getting By’: Class and State Formation among Chinese in Malaysia by Patrick Guinness

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Anthropological Forum, vol. 27, n° 2, June 2017

Anthropological Forum, vol. 27, n° 2, June 2017

A signaler :

  • Local vs. Trans-regional Perspectives on Southeast Asian ‘Indianness’ by Frederic Pain

Book reviews

  • Isabell Herrmans, Ritual Retellings: Luangan Healing Performances Through Practice by Anne Schiller
  • Nils Bubandt, The Empty Seashell: Witchcraft and Doubt on an Indonesian Island by Patricia Spyer

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Wacana, vol. 18, n° 2 (2017) : Chinese Indonesians in historical perspective II

Wacana, vol. 18, n° 2 (2017) : Chinese Indonesians in historical perspective II

Table of contents


  • The Chinese-Indonesian collections in the National Museum of World Cultures, the Netherlands by Francine Brinkgreve, Johanna Leijfeldt
  • Chinese photographers and their clientele in the Netherlands Indies, 1890-1940 by Liesbeth Ouwehand
  • Chinese correspondence in Dutch East Indies (1865-1949) by Tjong Han Siem
  • The Kai Ba Lidai Shiji 开吧历代史记: An autonomous history of the Chinese community of Batavia/ Jakarta in the VOC period by Leonard Blussé
  • Sajarah Cina: A nineteenth-century apology in Javanese by Willem van der Molen
  • Bangsawan prampoewan: Enlightened Peranakan Chinese women from early twentieth century Java by Didi Kwartanada
  • Dr Oen Boen Ing:  Patriot doctor, social activist, and doctor of the poor by Ravando Lie
  • Culture, power and identity: The case of Ang Hien Hoo, Malang by Melani Budianta
  • Chinese taukeh, labourer, and state control: Case study of panglong in eastern region of Sumatra (1890-1930) by Erwiza Erman
  • An early story of Kho Ping Hoo by C. W. Watson
  • Pecinan as an inspiration: The contribution of Chinese Indonesian architecture to an urban environment by Wiwi Tjiook

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Wacana, vol. 18, n° 1 (2017) : Chinese Indonesians in historical perspective I

Wacana, vol. 18, n° 1 (2017) : Chinese Indonesians in historical perspective I

Table of Contents


  • The Chinese from Indonesia in the Netherlands and their heritage: Chinese Indonesian Heritage Center (CIHC) by Patricia Tjiook Liem
  • Long way home: The life history of Chinese-Indonesian migrants in the Netherlands by Yumi Kitamura
  • Indonesian Chinese in the Netherlands and the legacies of violence in colonial and post-colonial Indonesia by Alexander van der Meer, Martijn Eickhoff
  • Between ideology and experience: Siauw Giok Tjhan’s legacy to his daughter Siauw May Lie by Maya H.T. Liem, Ing Lwan Taga-Tan
  • Violent, political, and administrative repression of the Chinese minority in Indonesia, 1945-1998 by Mary Somers Heidhues
  • Chinese Indonesians after May 1998: How they fit in the big picture by Dewi Anggraeni
  • The strategic adaptation of Chinese-Manadonese in the Reform Era by Adrianus L.G. Waworuntu, Zeffry Alkatiri, Fuad Gani
  • Confucius Institute at Universitas Al Azhar, Jakarta: The unseen power of China by Thung Ju Lan
  • Moral is political: Notions of ideal citizenship in Lie Kim Hok’s Hikajat Khonghoetjoe by Evi Sutrisno
  • Chinese officers in Cirebon by Steve Haryono
  • The house of Kwee Sik Poo: An Indonesian-Chinese merchant from Pasuruan by Kwee Hong Sien

PhD Thesis Summaries

  • Chinese society as depicted in early twentieth century Chinese-Malay literature by Dwi Susanto

Book reviews

  • Book review; Petualangan Unjung dan Mbui Kuvong: Sastra lisan dan kamus Punan Tuvu’ dari Kalimantan by Bernard Sellato
  • Book review; Islamic Populism in Indonesia and the Middle East by C.W. Watson
  • Book review; Tesamoko: Tesaurus Bahasa Indonesia by Hein Steinhauer

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Pacific Affairs, vol. 90, n° 2, June 2017

Pacific Affairs, vol. 90, n° 2, june 2017

A signaler :

  • Participatory Inequality in the Online and Offline Political Engagement in Thailand by Aim Sinpeng (The University of Sydney)
  • Concrete Memories and Sensory Pasts: Everyday Heritage and the Politics of Nationhood by Kelvin E.Y. Low (National University of Singapore)
  • Review essay : Disputed Waters, Contested Norms: Framing Discourses on the South China Sea Disputes by Jiye Kim (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

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Journal of Vietnamese Studies, vol. 12, n° 2, Spring 2017

Journal of Vietnamese Studies, vol. 12, n° 2, Spring 2017  

Special Issue on Globalizing Vietnamese Religions

Table of contents


  • Globalizing Vietnamese Religion by Janet Alison Hoskins, Thien-Huong T. Ninh

Research Articles

  • A Reappraisal of Vietnamese Buddhism’s Status as “Ethnic” by Alexander Soucy
  • Global Chain of Marianism : Diasporic Formation among Vietnamese Catholics in the United States and Cambodia by Thien-Huong T. Ninh
  • Quán Thế Âm of the Transpacific by Allison Truitt
  • Sacralizing the Diaspora : Cosmopolitan and Originalist Indigenous Religions by Janet Alison Hoskins

Book Reviews

  • François Guillemot and Agathe Larcher-Goscha, eds, La Colonisation des corps: De L’Indochine au Viet Nam by Judith Henchy
  • Solène Granier, Domestiques Indochinois by Christina Firpo
  • Sophia Suk-Mun Law, The Invisible Citizens of Hong Kong: Art and Stories of Vietnamese Boatpeople by Jana Lipman
  • Mai Na M. Lee, Dreams of the Hmong Kingdom: The Quest for Legitimation in French Indochina, 1850–1960 by Christian C. Lenz

Inside Indonesia 128, apr – jun 2017

Inside Indonesia 128 : april – june 2017 : New law, new villages ? Written by Ward Berenschot and Jacqueline Vel

The new Village Law could substantially change Indonesia’s villages. Not necessarily for the better.

Table of contents

  • Creating Indonesia’s Village Law by Jacqueline Vel, Yando Zakaria and Adriaan Bedner
  • The myth of the harmonious village by Ben White
  • New law, old bureaucracy by Yando Zakaria and Jacqueline Vel
  • The village head as patron by Ward Berenschot and Prio Sambodho
  • Participation in Ngada by Lily Hoo
  • When village development fails by Yulia Indri Sari
  • Traditional village institutions and the Village Law by Agung Wardana and Darmanto

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Mekong Review n° 7 (2017)

A monk takes a selfie at MaBaTha’s third anniversary conference in Yangon, 2016, Photograph: Ann Wang

Mekong Review n° 7 (2017)

Site :

Table of contents

Peace matters by Christopher Goscha

A partisan of the peace movement explains how war could have been avoided in Vietnam.

Frontier flux by David Eimer

How Aung San Suu Syi has failed to deliver peace to the borderlands of Myanmar.

The humaniser by Tillman Miller

In the wake of Donald Trump, writing about refugees has become a political act, says Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Khmer ways  by Jack Weatherford

Who was Zhou Duguan – author of the only surviving written account of the Khmer Empire?

Monumental by Aedeen Cremin

The brilliant career of Pascal Royere, the archaeologist sent to restore the thousand-year-old Baphuon temple.

Narrative change by Michael Freeman

Can fiction help us come to terms with the pending problems of climate change?

MaBaTha by Matthew J. Walton, Ma Khin Mar Mar Kyi and Aye Thein

A detailed examination of the Buddhist nationalist group that is causing havoc in Myanmar.

Winter 1954 by Tran Dan

The late Tran Dan’s classic war novel, Crossroads and Lampposts, in English for the first time.

Now we’re 50 by Ooi Kee Beng

Is ASEAN a miracle? Or just a 50-year-old talkshop?

Intoxicated by Ross West

How France managed to take over the production of alcohol in Vietnam and extend its colonial power.

State rebels by Liam C. Kelley

The Chinese outlaws recruited by the Vietnamese Nguyen Dynasty to fight against the French.

Poetry by Soe Nay Lynn,  Amy Doffegnies

“Soe Nay Lynn”, “Vignette” “Pay Pay* at Phoe Htoo Teashop” & “The sky and its two stars”

Milieu by David Payne

Nineteen young Vietnamese writers are showcased in a new collection of short stories.

On the street by Neil Moody

What is more important in street food – the food or the street?

Dressing up stories by Max Crosbie-Jones

Thai artist Jakkai Siributr is not afraid to confront the big issues his country would like to forget.

Pinball wizardry by Rupert Winchester

Finally the multi-generational family saga comes of age in Asia, in this sensitive Korean novel.

Poetry by Ko Ko Thett, Maw Shein Win, Steve Gilmartin

“after the lie of art” & “i hate programming without free will”

Uncle Ho’s retreat by Michael Tatarski

This is the hallowed cave where Ho Chi Minh founded the Indochina Communist Party.

Death in Yangon by Sean Gleeson
A slow Sunday afternoon in Yangon is shattered by the sound of gunshots.

Journal of southeast asian studies, vol. 48, n° 2, june 2017

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, vol. 48, n° 2, june 2017

Table of contents

Editorial Foreword

Editorial Foreword by Maitrii Aung-Thwin

Research Articles

The two Kronik Tionghua of Semarang and Cirebon: A note on provenance and reliability by Alexander Wain

Mediating the local: Representing Javanese cultures on local television in Indonesia by Els Bogaerts

Ethnicity and social relations in Indonesian television production houses by Maria Myutel

Colonial sugar production in the Spanish Philippines: Calamba and Negros compared by Filomeno V. Aguilar

Mae Fah Luang: Thailand’s Princess Mother and the Border Patrol Police during the Cold War by Sinae Hyun

Balancing the foreign and the familiar in the articulation of kingship: The royal court Brahmans of Thailand by Nathan McGovern

Book  Reviews

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Philippines Studies : Historical and ethnographic viewpoints, vol. 65, n° 1 (2017)

Philippines Studies : Historical and ethnographic viewpoints, vol. 65, n° 1 (2017) : José P. Laurel’s Political Thought

Table of Contents


  • Cultures of Empire, Nation, and Universe in Pres. José P. Laurel’s Political Thought, 1927–1949 by Nicole CuUnjieng
  • A Philippine History of Denmark: From Pioneer Settlers to Permanently Temporary Workers by Nina Trige Andersen

Research Note

  • Contextualizing the Contextual: A Note on the Revolutionary Exegesis of Gregorio L. Aglipay by Peter-Ben Smit


  • Scotty, Sage of Sagada by Stuart A. Schlegel

Book Reviews

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Nang Magazine, n° 2 : Scars and Death

NANG Magazine, n° 2 : Scars and Death

Guest-editors  : Yoo Un-Seong & John Torres

NANG is an English-language 10-issue magazine which covers cinema and cinema cultures in the Asian world with passion and insight.

Issue 2 is dedicated to Scars and Death. We asked writers, filmmakers, scholars, bloggers, and artists from Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, the USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, and Kazakhstan to pitch in without feeling the need to conform to a particular form or tone of writing. Write about scars and death. Die for the piece and swear by it. For the scarred workers, the dedicated, the desperate enough, for those dying to be offered another chance. For the films we have lost, the scenes that are scarred by time, those missing frames, abrupt endings and low resolutions. For the ones who died on- and off-screen, for deaths we haven’t seen. For those who risk life savings for a fictional piece. For all others who toil away, INT/EXT, their bodies taking it, DAY/NIGHT.

Yoo Un-Seong is a film critic, co-publisher of OKULO (a quarterly magazine on cinema and the moving image), and Lecturer at the Korea National University of Arts (K’ARTS). He worked as a programmer of the Jeonju International Film Festival from 2004 to 2012.

John Torres is a filmmaker, writer, musician. Does filmmaking workshops and hosts talks for independently run film and artist space “Los Otros” (with Shireen Seno). Feature films include Todo Todo Teros (2006) and Lukas the Strange (2013). Singer for Taggu nDios, working on their debut EP.

Vous pouvez suivre NANG sur son blog ou vous abonner à sa Newsletter, excellente source sur les ressources et les événements concernant le cinéma d’Asie.

Vous pouvez également aller feuilleter la revue à Paris, à la Librairie du Cinéma du Panthéon.

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Manuscript Studies, vol. 2, n° 1, Spring 2017, Special Issue on Thai and Siamese Manuscripts Studies

Manuscript Studies : A Journal of the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, Vol. 2, N° 1, Spring 2017

Special Issue : Thai and Siamese Manuscripts Studies

The new Spring 2017 special issue constitutes the first major scholarly resource for the field of Thai and Siamese manuscripts studies. It examines collections and the history of collectors of these manuscripts, including rare and historically important ones, in Thailand and in major archives and museums around the world. Tracing the history of these collections and collectors provides new perspectives on the history of orientalism and on economic, religious, and diplomatic history.

Table of contents

  • Illuminating Archives: Collectors and Collections in the History of Thai Manuscripts by Justin McDaniel 
  • Henry D. Ginsburg and the Thai Manuscripts Collection at the British Library and Beyond by Jana Igunma
  • Cultural Goods and Flotsam: Early Thai Manuscripts in Germany and Those Who Collected Them by Barend Jan Terwiel
  • Thai Manuscripts in Italian Libraries: Three Manuscripts from G. E. Gerini’s Collection Kept at the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’ by Claudio Cicuzza
  • Manuscripts in Central Thailand: Samut Khoi from Phetchaburi Province by Peter Skilling and Santi Pakdeekham
  • Manuscripts from the Kingdom of Siam in Japan by Toshiya Unebe
  • The Chester Beatty Collection of Siamese Manuscripts in Ireland by Justin McDaniel
  • Siamese Manuscript Collections in the United States by Susanne Ryuyin Kerekes and Justin McDaniel

Pour plus d’informations voir :

Trans Asia Photography Review, vol. 7, n° 2, Spring 2017: Technologies

Fig. 1. Panoramic view of Ngoc Ha district, looking northwest, 2014 © Philippe Lê.

Trans Asia Photography Review, vol. 7, n° 2, Spring 2017: Technologies

Articles sur l’ASE

  • Ways of Looking: Studying the Architecture of Hanoi’s Ngoc Ha Neighborhood via Drone Photography by Monique Gross
  • More Than a Collection: Photography in the Asia Art Archive by Procheta Mukherjee Olson

Book Review

  • Mark Rice, Dean Worcester’s Fantasy Islands: Photography, Film, and the Colonial Philippines (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2014. 232 pages. 25 black-and-white photographs, one table. Copublished edition with Ateneo de Manila University Press, Manila, 2015).  Reviewed by Gael Newton

Pour plus d’informations voir :


Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, vol. 36, n° 1, 2017

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, vol. 36, n° 1, 2017

Research articles

  • How Power Affects Policy Implementation: Lessons from the Philippines by Jens Marquardt
  • Sarawak State Elections 2016: Revisiting Federalism in Malaysia by Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman, Rashaad Ali
  • Territorial Disputes and Nationalism: A Comparative Case Study of China and Vietnam by Hannah Cotillon
  • The NLD and Myanmar’s Foreign Policy: Not New, But Different by Maung Aung Myoe

Research notes

  • The Downside of Indonesia’s Successful Liberal Democratisation and the Way Ahead. Notes from the Participatory Surveys and Case Studies 2000–2016 by Olle Törnquist

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